HGYC NOW OPEN – Year 6’s will be opening on 10th November (see below)

The opening times have changed along with the size of the groups. HGYC, along with all Youth Clubs, has to follow the rules of the ‘National  Youth  Agency’ and not the rules and changes in schools. We are only allowed Bubbles of 15 Young People + leaders.

IF YOU ARE ALREADY A MEMBER BUT HAVE NOT JOINED A BUBBLE OR WOULD LIKE TO JOIN – SEND ME AN E-MAIL TELLING ME YOUNG PERSONS NAME & YEAR GROUP I will send you all the details you need to join – e-mail address – holmergreenyc@gmail.com

The Young Person must have signed up and be in a Bubble to be able to come along.
The opening times are already on our website if you would like to have a look in advance.

All the safety precautions and information will be sent out and are also available on this website.

Mike Turner

Managing Youth Leader

YEAR 6’s will be opening on 10th November. All the Young People attending HGJS will receive an e-mail nearer the date. If you attend a different School and would like to come along please do send me an e-mail. 

Welcome to Holmer Green Youth Club.

The Youth Club offers local young people aged school years 6 to 13 opportunities for fun, meeting friends, and making new friends in a safe environment. Experienced youth workers are always on hand to give help and advice in a controlled environment. The best and easiest way to join is to download and fill out the ‘Membership Form’ from this website before coming. 


Holmer Green Youth Club has also opened an Instagram account. This is for giving information to the Young People about HGYC but it also offers a way for Young People to get in touch with us if they would like to chat about anything.

Please could you encourage your Young Person to follow us on Instagram by keying in holmergreenyouthclub

We have all the risk assessments, policies and guidance for this work in place. Safety and Safeguarding are a top priority now as much as they have always been at the Youth Club. If you have any questions, please reply to this e-mail.

Mike Turner

Cost on the door £2

I help with other charities and understand there are many families who would find the cost of coming to this Youth Club too much. I would like to make it clear that if this is you, please contact me. We are here to help Young People and I would not like to think they don’t come because of the cost.

We are in great need of parents to join our Management Committee. Please do talk to me or send us an e-mail if you are interested. It will only take 4 nights a year to come along and we can promise you biscuits as well. I think you may find it quite interesting what goes on behind the scenes.