AGM Invite Letter

Dear Parents and Carers,

AGM and parents open meeting.

Please come along to Holmer Green Youth Club on Wednesday evening June 21st at 7.30pm to hear some of our Young Leaders explain just how much the Club means to them and how it is helping them to develop. There will be a short routine AGM section lasting no more than 20 minutes and also an opportunity to discuss how we see the future for the Club.

Now into its 52nd year, the Club has been restructured and is near to being
self-sustaining, in spite of a financially challenging time caused by the cutting of local government support. However, the Management Committee, which oversees the aims of the Club and meets 4 times a year, needs invigorating due to an ageing membership.

Historically, the Committee has been composed of mainly local ‘well-wishers’ with no young member connections, but we now believe it’s imperative that we see a growing parental involvement to ensure the Club stays in touch with the needs of the young members.

We need 4 additional parent members on the Management Committee, to enable regular turnover every few years and to ensure HGYC plays a responsible role in helping the young members make the transition from children to well-balanced young adults.

I strongly believe HGYC has a significant and beneficial role to play in the development of the young people of this area, but it does need the support of today’s parents to shape the future, rather than the much older generation like me.  Do please come along and participate in what should be an interesting and informative occasion and see if you could be part of that management team.


Jim Leftwich – Chairman